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TV licence fee included in electricity bill: Acquirente Unico uses Exprivia Know-How and technology

1 June 2016

Acquirente Unico, the public company that manages the information flows on the electricity and gas markets through the Integrated Information System (IIS) uses Exprivia’s technological know-how to integrate the centralized electricity supply management system with the information required to include the TV licence fee in the electricity bill.

Exprivia has integrated the IIS centralized database with the information necessary to include in the electricity bill the amounts due for the public television service, in full compliance with the billing documentation transparency criteria.

Due to the company’s consolidated experience with and direct knowledge of the IIS – the design, installation and operation of which was assigned to Exprivia following a public tender organized by AU and awarded in 2011 – the IIS database was integrated rapidly and the initial updated lists were given to the electricity suppliers as early as 31 May.

They will be finalized in time to add the licence fee to the bill starting from July.

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