e4cure, the wait-free facility
The certainty of a quicker and easier pathway for the patient, more secure and less costly for the facility.
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e4cure is the solution to the needs for a virtuous relationship between the public and the health facility: from admission to discharge and the return home, the system takes care of the patients and enables the healthcare operators to treat them with awareness, without them having to wait or repeat costly examinations undergone recently.

The Electronic Clinical Record is the system unit into which the data flows, the starting point for a new healthcare service and guarantee of continuous care. The patient's identification, performed through the hospital database (MPI), is in turn integrated with the Local Health Authority database and the regional database.

Upon admission, the patient with his/her entire clinical history is recognized by the system through the eInpatient and eOutpatient modules, supported by its parallel eEmergency module for admission from the First Aid department. The system controls the entire process indicated below:

  • admission, transfer and management in the ward; 
  • acceptance of the new hospitalization data; 
  • integration with the entire personal cycle in the healthcare facilities; 
  • integrated and harmonized management of the diagnostic and outpatient services and clinical ward processes, through a solution with numerous clinical specializations, for Radiology, Cardiology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Gastroenterology, Paediatrics, etc.; 
  • reporting, discharge and, where appropriate, accounting for the service. 

e4cure also controls the entire diagnostic imaging department, providing an extremely advanced voice reporting service and remote consultation systems between hospitals. The sharing of this information has a positive effect on the rapidity and reliability of diagnosis. The outpatient and inpatient clinical records are organized vertically according to the area of specialization, thus facilitating the care pathway necessary for the clinical case in question.

The support provided by e4cure does not stop when the patients are discharged from hospital but continues through post-discharge follow-up or, in chronic treatment, through special apps on the smartphone and tablet for the management of domiciliary health care, integrated with certified medical devices and the electronic clinical record.

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