Quality of life and spending.
The patient and public spending, the two main items of the healthcare budget.
e4cure for Regional healthcare
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Guaranteeing, or rather improving levels of healthcare is not incompatible with reductions in budget commitments: the solution is Exprivia e4cure in that it is designed to eliminate health expenditure dispersion and resolve all critical system problems. e4cure has designed and produced a complete suite for Regional authorities, which has already obtained important results.

Case by case, name by name
The data and information flows are managed in a few clicks with e4cure. Spending control, planning and optimization become simple, linear and immediate. The system unit is the Electronic Health File, which contains the patient's clinical history and stores it in a repository of the Local Health Authority that contains the examinations and diagnostic reports, interfaced with the regional management system. The collection of clinical history data of every person in the large central archive allows analyses to be conducted on the entire population on an objective and complete statistical basis, thus allowing the activities to be reorganized, spending to be reduced and the service to be improved.

The suite manages the regional databases through solutions that control the data and information flows on a local level, centralizing:

  • the Regional Patients database; 
  • the medical operator and healthcare facility database; 
  • the nomenclators and coding systems; 
  • management of data anonymization and pseudonymization. 

By controlling the entire database system and correlating it with the information flows for all services provided (pharmaceutical, specialist, public and NHS-subsidized private hospital expenditure), the system rationalizes the administration items in these areas.

e4cure also optimizes the administrative management of human and financial resources in that it controls:

  • the management of staff lists and charts; 
  • the monitoring of the accounts of regional hospitals; 
  • the management of inbound and outboard patient mobility; 
  • the price and technology watch; 
  • the regional blood bank watch. 

The e4cure tools include refined executive dashboards for assessing the efficacy-inefficacy/efficiency-inefficiency of the services provided. The dashboards are organized into areas and include prospective indicators and scenarios to support the regional or company management.

Particularly significant are the epidemiological registries for monitoring diseases on a community level, which include the data from:

  • the epidemiology watch; 
  • the cancer registry; 
  • the infectious disease registry; 
  • the cause of death registry. 

An important case history concerns the finalization of the e4cure system through Edotto, a product specially designed for the Region of Puglia.

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