The present continuous of health
Controlling expenditure while putting the patient at the centre of the system
e4cure for the local health authority and the community
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Acute disease is an event that the healthcare system manages efficiently; while patients (often elderly) with chronic disease, who contact the system repeatedly for care, bookings, cards or exemptions create an overload, but often remain dissatisfied at the same time. This problem is made more critical due to the increased health costs resulting from the increase in life expectancy.

Nevertheless, a modern-day healthcare system manager is well aware that the person and not the disease should be at the centre of the system. By avoiding tiring, continual visits by the patient in person, the healthcare organization can improve both its own performance and the patient's quality of life.

This is done simply by digitizing and sharing clinical care pathways through the e4cure integrated system, which:

  • centralizes and manages the Regional Health Service registration processes (choosing/changing a doctor, managing exemptions, health cards, healthcare overseas, registration with practice); 
  • coordinates and controls the entire integrated domiciliary care, nursing home health care, prostheses and rehabilitation. 

This allows the local health authorities to transfer part of the healthcare from the facilities to the community, thus lightening the load on the healthcare facilities and increasing the patient's quality of life.

In addition, automated management of legal and economic aspects concerning primary care doctors, specialists working under the NHS and service medicine specialists is another element on the healthcare pathway that concludes the relationship simply and satisfactorily for both parties.

Finally, request management using the CUP computerized booking office, private treatment in hospital and the on-line services for the public make the patients active protagonists of the services that concern them, thus completing the virtuous circle.

Many patients already use the web every day while, in the near future, all of them will use it: this is actually the present continuous rather than the future.

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