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Governance Risk & Compliance is the system phase that determines the compliance of the company's security systems both with the internal rules and with the international standards, providing an overall view of the security level.

SkyBox, security suite
Skybox is an IT Security Risk Management suite that provides an overview of the security level of the systems and the compliance of the network with both the company's policies and the standards established on an international level for companies operating in this sector.

Starting from a map of the vulnerabilities of the systems, Skybox is used to simulate an attack capable of using the vulnerabilities present and identifying the possible mitigation actions.

The solution is used to:

  • detect the vulnerabilities present in the systems or network devices;
  • check the degree of exposure of the systems to the threats;
  • identify the best protection solutions;
  • improve the efficacy of the patching process;
  • produce reports and tests used for compliance.

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