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Monitoring, continuous and intelligent control
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The traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems are often circumscribed within system logs and application logs. Exprivia designs and implements SIEM support systems with business intelligence applications to reduce false positives and find conditions of risk based on behavioural analyses that cannot be identified with simple search operations in the text of the logs collected.

Securonix, the intelligent monitor
By extracting additional information, Securonix integrates the SIEM systems in the activities for elaborating the log management policies and strategies for compliance (data protection authority and PCI), fraud management, event analysis & correlation, and incident response. The monitoring system also shares the Identity Access Management (CyberArk and Nuance) systems with the prevention phase and the Threat Intelligence SOC systems (Italtel, Exprivia and Certego) with the response phase.

Loggly, an agile and secure SaaS
The intelligence of Securonix is supplemented by Loggly, an SIEM-as-a-service, that is, a web platform to which the logs are sent without any need to install agents on the systems to be monitored (it uses Syslog and HTTP). The logs are processed and correlated by the Loggly engine, which produces ad hoc reports and advanced analyses.

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