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The four steps
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Response. More information, fewer alarms
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The Threat Intelligence and Incident Response services are provided across the prevention, monitoring and response phases to reduce the amount of information to be analysed through a careful identification of the setting, an analysis conducted by professional experts and a series of intervention proposals.

The security analyst
The efficacy of the traditional protection and monitoring solutions (SIEM, IPS, WAF, Antivirus, etc.) is drastically reduced by the large number of alarms, notifications, signals and false positives, which require considerable management and tuning resources.

There is no need for more information but for more selection and contextualization to finalize the containment actions. In the Exprivia service, the information carried by the Threat Intelligence service is processed and validated by an analyst and not just by correlation and data mining algorithms. The Threat Intelligence & Incident Response services offer great benefits both to companies with an in-house SOC/ Security Monitoring structure, and those with a smaller Security staff.

System benefits
Its main characteristics are:

  • it rapidly identifies cyber attacks and hacking attempts;
  • it elaborates the response procedures best suited to withstand the attack, remove the threat and reduce the impact on the company's business;
  • it supports the customer in the management activities, subjecting security problems to IT Administration activities;
  • it optimizes the customer's Security Posture in time, through an evidence-based risk assessment.

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