Secure Clouding
Security agents for cloud architectures.
Perfectly secure information transitions.
The secure cloud for optimizing processes and costs.
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Cloud services and processes are an extraordinary resource for optimizing expenditure and making companies more efficient. Specific skills are however required to make the information transitions perfectly secure. Skills like those that Exprivia puts at the disposal of companies.

Cloud Passage
The adoption of cloud computing technologies (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) imposes a need for different security technologies from the traditional ones in order to meet the compliance requirements, perform security monitoring and have logs on the use of the company's cloud resources.

The CloudPassage approach includes security agents in every cloud resource that is activated, wherever it is located (in the public cloud or the company's datacenter). The agents communicate with a centralized analysis and reporting platform.

An approach that considerably simplifies the security architecture, bringing benefits also to the management of mobile devices, is the reverse proxy approach: the traffic directed exclusively to the company's cloud resources is transferred to an infrastructure that acts as a proxy, which, having performed some security controls, forwards it to the destination cloud resources.

Bitglass uses this approach and has the advantage of being very simple and independent of the client platforms used, performing SSO, DLP, Alerting and Logging functions and allowing the existing compliance requirements to be met.

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