Industrial plan 2015/2020
What Exprivia will be
in the future world
The route to be followed, the targets to be reached, the scenarios to be crossed along the ideal path that unites our vision of the present with our forecast for the future.
The Digital Renaissance
The three elements at the centre of the great transformation

The person

The relationship

The cities
For Exprivia, the digital transformation will concentrate on the central role of the person in a city, the efficiency and livability of which will be closely related to the immediate availability and usability of the information obtained through IT.
The lines of development to 2020
Cloud Computing
Products on cloud platforms: Edotto, the SAP applications, the Home Factoring and Let’s Care solutions. Hybrid Cloud: cloud – on premise integration problems.
Internet of Things
The person’s wellbeing and care: Ambient Assisted Living, Telemedicine, EMR (electronic medical record), wearable devices. Intelligent manufacturing.
Mobile e Bring Your Own Device
Enterprise Application Store: to relate the company’s installed applications with the Mobile paradigm, use of mobile devices at work, privacy and security. Smart Cities.
Predictive Analysis: management of faults in the production chain, sales forecasts, management of marketing campaigns. Internet of Things: IT Manufacturing, smart factory.
Big Data
Predictive and Advanced Analytics tools: Security, Marketing Support. Big Data in Cloud solutions.
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Internationalize the offer
Re-industrialization of solutions and services to make our competitive differentials exploitable on overseas markets.
International networks
Establishing or strengthening relationships with national and international customers/players/organizations with whom to work overseas.
Direct investments
Entry in markets selected through Mergers & Acquisitions or green field investments.
Expected income
More than twice the current income, target of 360 mln in the plan for 2020, of which 205 mln from current scope and 155ml from external growth, CAGR +16%

6-year planning horizon, EXTERNAL GROWTH divided into three two-year periods:
2015-2016: consolidation
2017-2018: +5%/year
2019-2020: ≈+10%/year
OVERSEAS: ≈20% by 2020
CAGR: +6%.

All figures are expressed in million Euros.

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