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New professionals for new challenges
The world of work changes, our work changes the world

The digital revolution is making its mark on the history of economics and labour. It expands the frontiers of what is possible, innovative production lines are born, new specialisations emerge. This is why Exprivia opens its doors to new professionals who are motivated to meet new challenges and are always up-to-date with the most recent technological trends.
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Grow at Exprivia
Individual career paths and company policies


A career at Exprivia is linked to an individual path that involves professional and soft skill development programmes.

This enables our workers to grow and improve their position within the company by measuring themselves against the profile frameworks underlying the professional areas (ICT specialists, technology architects, functional specialists, application architects, project managers), which are continuously updated based on company policies in the applicable markets.

Train to innovate
"There is only one way for science to progress: by saying that established science is wrong." (G. Bachelard)


We have adopted Bachelard’s famous aphorism to highlight that Exprivia’s success is the result of a search with no preclusions, based on valuing the ideas of individuals working together in teams.

Therefore, we provide our resources with training and certification opportunities to develop their individual know-how to be transferred to the Group.

Management training
The top management is also engaged in these paths with respect to projections and strategies for the development of the organisation, innovation and internationalisation.

Middle management training
The middle management has the opportunity to increase their skills with the Corporate MBA, participating in an effective process of integrating the various professional areas within the Group and strengthening the operational effectiveness of roles that are strategic for the organisation’s objectives.

Technical training
Courses are also available for professional resources to obtain certifications, as Exprivia is convinced that increasing the value of its people means boosting the competitive advantage of the organisation itself. Our professionals are also involved in periodic self-assessments to evaluate the level of alignment of Group skills with new market requirements.

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