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The official press releases, the press review of the main facts and events that concern the Exprivia group.

Press Releases
Italtel: the Shareholders' meeting resolves to update to a new date
14 February 2020
Press Releases
Italtel: unattended the shareholders' meeting in the first call
31 January 2020
Press Releases
Company events 2020 calendar
30 January 2020
Press Releases
The Board of Directors of Italtel SpA notifies the dates of the Shareholders' meeting pursuant to art. 2447 of the Civil Code
22 January 2020
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Exprivia's open source technology in support of children's health
18 December 2019
Press Releases
The BoD of Italtel resolves the convocation of the shareholders’ meeting pursuant to art. 2447 of the civil code. Meetings ongoing with...
13 December 2019
Press Releases
Notice regarding the Coupon rate on the bond denominated "Exprivia S.p.A. - 5.80% 2017-2023"
10 December 2019
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Industry 4.0: Exprivia receives the "Apulian excellence" award at the chamber of deputies
21 November 2019
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The CareGenius project, Artificial Intelligence and NLP for Healthcare, is launched
20 November 2019

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