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Press office

The official press releases, the press review of the main facts and events that concern the Exprivia group.

Press Releases
Change in the 2021 calendar of corporate events
8 April 2021
Press Releases
Copernicus Sentinels Program: with Exprivia and Sony, data on the health of planet Earth is safe for 100 years
31 March 2021
Press Releases
Exprivia joins ioXt Alliance: increasing security for IoT devices
25 March 2021
Press Releases
The Court of Milan admitted the composition with creditors procedure presented by Italtel
17 March 2021
Press Releases
A|Impact and Exprivia invest in Areamedical24, th startup that has revolutionised home health care
2 March 2021
Press Releases
Cybercrime: December worst month of 2020 in Italy
24 February 2021
Press Releases
Smart Public Administration introducing the virtual helpdesk for Italian City Councils
16 February 2021
Press Releases
Company events 2021 calendar
29 January 2021
Press Releases
Acquedotto Pugliese more digital with Exprivia technologies
21 January 2021

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