Examples of telemedicine against the virus: the remote hospital is born
Editorial Exprivia and Italtel
Online Security: in the second quarter of 2020, cyber crimes increased by more than 250% compared to the first. Attaks peaked in June
Security Summit Streaming Edition
10-12 November 2020, streaming
Digital Finance: New Exprivia Solutions for Data Virtualization in Partnership with Denodo
Research Projects
Data Science for the study of Alzheimer's disease: patterns hidden in structural connectivity

Neuroscience, equipped with the tools of Data Science and AI, today plays a fundamental role, particularly in research on Alzheimer's disease, the most widespread and disabling neurodegenerative disease for which, to date, there is no cure. A great challenge is that of early diagnosis, which represents an important goal in the perspective of testing new drugs.

Download the Paper delivered through the collaboration between Exprivia and the Universidad de Zaragoza.

Master Italy implements SAP S/4HANA: introducing a digital solution that ensures rapid and accurate data
A monitoring system for integrated company processes
Best practices for Security Information Centres (SOCs)
IBM and Exprivia Webinar
Innovation projects
We develop revolutionary solutions in new application areas working synergistically in projects co-financed by the European Union.

In 2018 the European Commission, through the H2020 programme, launched a call with the aim of gathering specific specialist expertise, organising and co-funding four pilot projects aimed at bringing together and sharing inter-sector knowledge in order to develop a common European Cyber Security strategy.

From the General Plan to the system: edotto
The regional healthcare specialist
The regional health service of Puglia has responded to the rapidly evolving national scenario with its Electronic Healthcare Plan. The new information strategy, which follows on from the investments made previously, has separated the regional setting from the Local Health Authority setting, inaugurating the horizontal coordination of all services and systems through N-SISR, the New Regional Healthcare Information System, better known as Edotto.
eLifeCare, telemedicine
for the doctor-patient relationship
A platform for the constant management of the patient at home, reducing National Health Service costs, saving time for all health operators and improving the patient's quality of life.
Press releases
Coronavirus emergency: new 'iorestoacasa' app created by Federazione delle Societā Medico Scientifiche Italiane, in collaboration with Exprivia, for self-assessment of symptoms
Press releases
The BoD of Exprivia approves the disclosure of management data for the first half of 2020
6 August 2020
The future of 5G
What’s news and what changes in an increasingly data-driven world
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Press releases
Coronavirus and IT Security: free business consultancy from Exprivia to asess cyber risks
Cybersecurity in the time of Coronavirus
Cybersecurity in the time of Coronavirus
Domenico Raguseo, Head of CyberSecurity Exprivia
How to implement Industry 4.0
With data management and data enrichment
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Italy in class A
National energy efficiency campaign
The Exprivia Group is selected as Opinion Leader in the energy efficiency campaign

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