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The planning of corporate resources through the systems produced by SAP, the absolute leader in the sector, as an essential node of business performance.

Exprivia at SAP NOW 2021!
From October 27th, on demand
Digital Supply Chain Innovation Days
5-7 October 2021, Sestri Levante (GE)
Press Releases
CyberSecurity: Exprivia opens security operations centre in Puglia for company, institution and PA security. Peak in cyber incidents in the...
Companies build their future through the digital transformation
Industry 4.0, the smart revolution

and connectivity

and machine learning


The recent research projects foreshadow a radical change in business scenarios: the fourth industrial revolution is in progress and will soon bring fully controlled, interconnected and automated production processes through the evolution of technology.
Industry 4.0
Salesforce & Exprivia:
a union of excellence to manage your processes
Solutions and services devoted to Marketing, Service and Sales Managers
Find out how the in-depth knowledge of systems and processes gained by Exprivia combined with Salesforce solutions enable manufacturers to seize all of the opportunities offered by the digital revolution, intervening in multiple company operating areas.
Master Italy implements SAP S/4HANA: introducing a digital solution that ensures rapid and accurate data
A monitoring system for integrated company processes
Retail 4.0: when sales are online, IT security becomes a priority
Domenico Raguseo Head of Digital Factory CyberSecurity Exprivia
Digital Transformation
is on cloud
Bring your business into the future of ERP software: Digital transformation through the cloud.
Digital Transformation with SAP S/4HANA and Exprivia
The first integrated platform for managing an entire business
Exprivia and SAP. Systems, Applications and Products for governing processes
Governing processes strategically: the key of business

The twenty-year strategic partnership with SAP has made Exprivia one of the leading companies in the design, development and integration of software solutions and innovative services.

Simply the right answer
Contact the Exprivia experts and ask them your questions. The immediacy, linearity and accessibility of the solutions that they offer could surprise you.
One solution for different market needs
Food, Industrial Machinery & Components, Retail: some examples of what SAP S/4HANA can do for different business sectors.
New blood for the business from warehouse and spare part control
Boost your Parts business with Exprivia
One of the leading companies on the international market of professional catering equipment has chosen Exprivia to set up its spare parts warehouse.
SAP S/4HANA, the ERP for agri-food group Farchioni 1780
Fully exploiting the SAP S/4HANA ERP processes typical of the agri-food industry and business relations with the large-scale retail industry on behalf of Farchioni 1780.
Case History
The roll out of Fameccanica in China, USA and Brazil
The world leader in the production of industrial lines for disposable products uses Exprivia’s services.
Case History
T-Frutta, the app
that plays with business
The T-Frutta app is based on the concept of applying game technology to daily activities (called gamification). When involved and enjoying themselves, users are more likely to be loyal, give information and minimize problems.
Take advantage of our international expertise for your digital transformation
Entering a new market always represents a great opportunity. It is therefore crucial to be able to rely on a partner with the experience you need to support your internationalisation strategies.
FINDUSTRY4.0 - Future Internet for Industry 4.0
Research activities focused on the study and definition of a prototype that aims to build an ecosystem of ICT services based on an Open Digital Platform for Industry 4.0.

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