IT Security

The impenetrable

Cyber-attacks have almost completely abandoned the terminals of individual users and moved increasingly towards large company networks to obtain access to the internal data and systems. Exprivia offers solutions that combine innovative technology with in-depth knowledge of security processes and company requirements.

The Security Summit event returns to Milan!
UNAHotels Expo Fiera, Milan - The event scheduled for 26 to 28 May will now take place in November, with the definitive date yet to be announced
CyberChallenge.IT: the Italian cyber security training and information programme for emerging talent
2020 Edition
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Coronavirus and IT Security: free business consultancy from Exprivia to asess cyber risks
IT Security
Security, Strategy
and Technology
Hacking and cyber spying evolve in line with the ever-increasing broad band made available by technology, processing resources, mobile devices, etc. Exprivia works for the security of the company (and its customers) with flexible deliveries that range from consulting, integration and management of dedicated services through operations centres to meet the customer's security needs on a strategic, technological and operational level.
The General Data Protection Regulation
How to transform the obligation to respect the GDPR into a growth opportunity for your organization
First step, prevention
Prevention is probably the most essential phase of the security process. The Exprivia solutions offer a complete service to prevent access to your data also during the transfer phase, by continually testing the system and assessing its vulnerability.
Monitoring, continuous
and intelligent control
The traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems are often circumscribed within system logs and application logs. Exprivia designs and implements SIEM support systems with business intelligence applications to reduce false positives and find conditions of risk based on behavioural analyses that cannot be identified with simple search operations in the text of the logs collected.
Response. More information, fewer alarms
The Threat Intelligence and Incident Response services are provided across the prevention, monitoring and response phases to reduce the amount of information to be analysed through a careful identification of the setting, an analysis conducted by professional experts and a series of intervention proposals.
Governance. Global security
Governance Risk & Compliance is the system phase that determines the compliance of the company's security systems both with the internal rules and with the international standards, providing an overall view of the security level.
Big Data for security
The core of the system is the security of the data above it. The Exprivia Big Data technologies enable early identification of potentially fraudulent or risky behaviour by correlating weak signals coming from multiple, heterogeneous sources (logs, transactions, social media etc.).
Press releases
Cyber Security: Exprivia among the cyber security giants
Exprivia is one of the members that take part in the international working table meetings of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), a pan-European organization set up with the aim of promoting research into cyber security on a Community level.
Secure Clouding
Cloud services and processes are an extraordinary resource for optimizing expenditure and making companies more efficient. Specific skills are however required to make the information transitions perfectly secure. Skills like those that Exprivia puts at the disposal of companies.
Technology and financial technique, the binomial of the future
Agile. Secure. Technological. Finance.
The world of credit and finance is a complex one that arouses enthusiasm and fascination; however, it is not without its risks. Therefore, it is vital for every institution working within a rapidly evolving sector to have a partner like Exprivia to rely on for IT support.

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