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The evolution of the devices and networks allows immediate contact between the parties and facilitates the systems with which the company can improve its internal efficiency, open to new businesses and improve relations with both its customers and its internal resources.

Press Releases
Smart Public Administration introducing the virtual helpdesk for Italian City Councils
CANTIERE ITALIA - The Region of Puglia to the challenge of economic recovery
22 January 2021, VideoTalk
Bando InnovaLabs - Farma4All project
18 January 2021
BYOD multichannel strategy
Mobile communication has evolved in an incredibly short time. The first-generation systems of the 1980's evolved over a few years to today's 4G (with 5G and 6G just round the corner), under the pressure of consumer trends and their new devices. This proliferation of efficient, multi-purpose terminals offers enormous potential to ambitious companies that focus on the market’s needs.
Nevertheless, companies can follow this trend not only to look for new promotion, communication and sales channels, but also to optimize the company's internal processes, making the relations with its resources more efficient and worry-free. There is a need for a careful, multichannel strategy that overlaps times, places and tools of work and personal life oriented towards BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). With attention focused on improving the experience of the user or internal operator but without being intrusive.
Identity Lifecycle Management and Social Authentication
Using the social networks to implement innovative and personalized strategies
Immersive Marketing: Technologies and Experiences
Discover the Exprivia technologies for Immersive Marketing with augmented reality and interactive banners.
Mobile Device Management
The Mobile Device Management applications enable companies to successfully tackle the challenges associated with mobility, by providing a simple and efficient way of controlling and managing all devices through a central administration console.
Mobile Payment
Payments from mobile terminals have become reality, a composite model that comprises multiple paradigms: mobile remote payment, mobile commerce, mobile money transfer, mobile proximity payment.
Mobile Application Development

Development of applications (APP) designed for use on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), which can be divided according to the service objectives (communication, marketing, network access and security).

Mobile Health
M-health solutions are becoming an extension of the meeting point between health and technology: extensive use of mobile devices by consumers facilitates access to health care and creates opportunities for modernizing the sector through a personalized, high-quality care model.
Case History
T-Frutta, the app
that plays with business
The T-Frutta app is based on the concept of applying game technology to daily activities (called gamification). When involved and enjoying themselves, users are more likely to be loyal, give information and minimize problems.
Case History
Digital customer care and loyalty
Exprivia's customer is an Italian company that sells electricity and natural gas, and belongs to one of the largest electricity production and distribution groups in Italy.
Case History
Digital City
A completely digitalised city is the essential component for a real smart city based on a community that provides information and takes direct advantage of data and services.

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