Concretely virtual

Internet of Things is the present future: a better way of working, living, learning and having fun.

Press Releases
Industry 4.0: Olivetti and Italtel sign agreement to provide IoT services and solutions for business
Press Releases
Robots on the ward in San Giovanni Rotondo: in FLDL Exprivia presents a research project with "Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza"
Press Releases
Mobile World Congress 2019: Exprivia | Italtel, Cisco, FANUC and Electtric80 to present collaborative robot
The Internet R-evolution
Exprivia has undertaken a series of projects that concern home automation, robotics, avionics, biomedical devices, monitoring in industry, telemetry, wireless networks of sensors, supervision, detection of adverse events and environments and concepts of everyday life.

IoT and Smart Factory.
Industry 4.0
The expression Industry 4.0, used for the first time in Germany in 2011, gives a good idea of the transformation centred on the use of data and digital technologies for connecting, innovating and governing the entire value chain.
The Exprivia Smart City. Smart technology for smart behaviour
A city can only be defined really smart when the investments (both in traditional infrastructure and in ITC) made in human and social resources lead to a sustainable economic development, a higher quality of life and effective management
Exprivia City. Designing in order to innovate.
Tomorrow's city according to Exprivia's vision: smart, responsible and aware

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